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11/16/2021 Afghanistan (International Christian Concern) – A roadside bomb detonated in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Monday next to a busy road, wounding two. The Taliban spokesman for Kabul police said the two wounded included one woman riding a taxi and a man who was passing by. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The bombing comes at a time when tensions are high following an explosion two days ago in another district of Kabul. That attack was carried out by the Islamic State to target Shiites in an area that is largely dominated by the Hazara ethnic group.

The Islamic State is continuing a violent campaign targeting Taliban fighters, Afghan civilians, and especially members of the Hazara ethnic group.

The increasing rivalry between the Taliban and the Islamic State is creating yet another layer of instability in an already chaotic situation. Economic collapse is on the horizon for Afghanistan, and extreme hunger is imminently approaching for more than half of the population of Afghanistan. Since the withdrawal of U.S. and allied troops, the country has rapidly descended into chaos and instability.

The hardline interim Taliban government of predominantly Pashtu men is scrambling to create some semblance of governance in a deeply divided and unstable context. Desperate for foreign aid and humanitarian assistance, the Taliban are urging their faithful to “moderate” their approach to enforcing the strictures of Islam and Shariah law.

The Taliban has a history of practicing violent brutality in their enforcement of Islam. Christians continue to be in the crosshairs of the Taliban. As a community of converts from Islam, their conversion makes them a prime target of the Taliban and Islamic State. The Christian community numbers roughly between 8,000 and 12,000 people who are a part of a loose network of house churches throughout the country.

The international community must maintain a close watch on the developments in Afghanistan and hold all foreign aid contingent upon good behavior from the Taliban. This includes respecting the rights of religious minorities, women, and other at-risk communities. The Taliban must respect human rights across the societal spectrum for all Afghans.

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