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11/03/2021 Afghanistan (International Christian Concern) – Afghanistan’s troubles continue to mount with escalating tensions between the Taliban and ISIS-K and the growing issue of a failing economy. The ISIS-K and the Taliban tension has been mounting over the past years but was recently escalated by the chaotic withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan, which encouraged the rivalry between the two entities and emboldened the ISIS-K faction further.

Some members of the Taliban are also in ISIS-K, further complicating issues. Furthermore, unlike the Taliban, ISIS-K cares little about their global image and will proudly claim credit for attacks. The Taliban, faced with an emerging economic crisis and humanitarian disaster, is desperate for humanitarian aid and support from the international community.

In another development, the Taliban moved to ban foreign currencies. The Taliban leadership stated that “The economic situation and national interest in country require that all Afghans us Afghani currency in their every trade.” While much of the country uses Afghani currency, the US dollar is also widely used by the population in economic and trade activities.

The United Nations is continuing to raise alarms about mass starvation in Afghanistan while also referring the to the Taliban takeover as a prominent factor for the crisis.

Religious minorities and other at-risk communities continue to be in a state of fear and uncertainty regarding their future in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s methods have historically been violent, hateful, and discriminatory against all who do not follow the Taliban’s extreme version of Islam and Shariah law. The Taliban have also empowered the religious police to begin enforcing their brand of Islam on all society.

The situation for Christians is growing more dire and the realities of economic collapse and hunger only add further concern for their wellbeing as a faith community.

The international community must not turn a blind eye to their suffering but must continue to hold the Taliban accountable and ensure that human rights and basic freedoms are fully respected in Afghanistan.

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