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10/28/2021 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi lifted the country’s state of emergency that has been in effect for four and a half years. The state of emergency was originally declared in April 2017 following several terrorist bombings at churches in Alexandria and Tanta. Since then, the order was renewed quarterly. On October 25, el-Sisi ended the state of emergency citing stability.

In an announcement, el-Sisi said, “Egypt has become, thanks to its great people and its loyal men, an oasis of security and stability in the region. Hence it was decided, for the first time in years, to cancel the extension of the state of emergency in all areas of the country.” He continued on saying he wanted to remember, “the Egyptian martyrs with pride and appreciation, because it is thanks to them that we have achieved stability and security”.

Human rights groups have criticized the long-standing state of emergency, saying that the additional powers granted to the government allowed for legal manipulation of dissenters. Under the state of emergency, indefinite detentions without trial are permitted and places additional limitations on public demonstrations and censorship.

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