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10/27/2021 Algeria (International Christian Concern) – On October 27, an appeal hearing will be heard for Algerian Christian convert Foudhil Bahloul. Authorities arrested Bahloul on April 17 after raiding his home and confiscating Christian Bibles and materials. His appeal hearing is in regards to receiving “illegal donations” and “collecting donations or accepting gifts without a license from the authorized departments” according to Middle East Concern. He currently is sentenced to serve six months in prison and pay a fine of 100,000 DZD (approximately USD $750).

Bahloul occasionally accepted assistance to cover his monthly expenses while he searches for a job. When Bahloul converted to Christianity in 2017, his Muslim wife divorced him and took custody of their two children. Now the convert must pay alimony and is unemployed, having been driven from his home, his business, and his community.

When Bahloul arrived at his later hearing on June 30, he learned that he faced additional charges under the 2006 Ordinance that regulates non-Muslim worship, including distribution of Bibles and printing pamphlets to distribute to Muslims. The pending case referred to “suspicious evangelistic activities,” “poisoning the minds of youth” and “luring people to convert to Christianity.” Bahloul’s case in regards to these charges is still ongoing.

Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) face persecution at the community level and the government level in Algeria, living in a country that ranks 24th on Open Doors World Watch List for 2021 and discriminates against Christians.

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