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10/26/2021 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – The privately owned Turkish defense contracting company SADAT faces increased accusations and scrutiny regarding its implementation of the country’s political interests. SADAT, founded in 2012 by a former military general ousted in the late 90s over his Islamic political stance and later promoted to one of President Erdogan’s advisors, is accused of deploying Syrian mercenaries in international conflicts. Most recently, this includes Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh (Armenian: Artsakh) and now Afghanistan.

Melih Tanriverdi, the son of SADAT’s founder and current company chairman, claims that the accusations are a disinformation campaign to tarnish Turkey and Erdogan’s image and calls them conspiracy theories. The US Department of Defense is one of several government entities that has reported on SADAT’s role in recruiting mercenaries for proxy conflicts of Turkey. The international defense consultancy’s mission is “to establish a Defense Collaboration and Defense Industry Cooperation among Islamic Countries to help the Islamic World take the place where it merits among Superpowers.”

Tanriverdi rejects speculation that the company developed into an informal part of the Turkish state, according to AFP, claiming that they do not take directions from Turkish ministries or MIT intelligence agency.

As ICC’s report on Turkey’s overflowing influence says, “wherever SADAT is active, terrorism thrives. And where terrorism thrives, religious freedom suffers.” To learn more about Turkey’s role in the regional suppression of religious freedom, read the report here.

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