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10/15/2021 China (International Christian Concern) – A street preacher from Hengyang City, Hunan province, was released after being detained six times since the beginning of this year.

Chen Wensheng, who has been persistent in preaching the Gospel on the streets despite ongoing surveillance and repeated arrests from the local authorities, was detained from September 26 to October 11 for his street evangelism.

After his release, he posted on social media, “Hallelujah! Thanks to God’s grace, the Lord’s presence, and prayers with love from my family. After being detained at Henyang Detention Center for 15 days for preaching the Gospel, this morning I was sent home by the police and a local leader of the United Front Department. They have now departed, which means I can go preach the Good News again.”

According to China Aid,  on September 26, the Qingshan police officers came knocking on his door to prevent him from joining Sunday service. He was taken to the police station. The police asked him to give up on preaching the Gospel in the streets, in response, he shared the Word with the police.

Chen was detained twice in January, once in May, and twice in June. His 84-year-old mother was once detained along with him for their street evangelism. The local authorities threatened his wife that if he does not stop his activities, his daughter-in-law could lose her job at her school, whereas his granddaughter will be banned from becoming civil servant or teacher in the future.

Yet, all these challenges have not stopped Chen from telling people about God. He continues to bear witness for the Lord.

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