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10/08/2021 Afghanistan (International Christian Concern) – According to Morning Star News, an Afghan Christian in India could be facing deportation to Afghanistan after fleeing the country days before the Taliban took Kabul. With her visa expiring in days, this Christian faces the possibility of being sent to one of the world’s most dangerous countries for Christians.

Morning Star News reports that Esin, age 24, fled Afghanistan in mid-August after receiving multiple threats from relatives and neighbors. Esin’s conversion to Christianity was discovered by neighbors in December 2020 when she was caught reading a Bible in her home.

They found me reading the Bible and were shocked to see that,” Esin told Morning Star News. “They said, ‘We will kill you… you are a Kafir, we cannot stay with you in the same locality.

A few days later, Esin’s family found a message on the gate of their home saying, “Stop or we will kill you and your family.

After several months of harassment, the family decided they had to flee Afghanistan. They applied for visas to travel to India, but they only had enough money to pay for Esin’s flight.

My mom said that because my life is in danger the most, I must leave first and that they would follow later,” Esin told Morning Star News.

Days after Esin flew to India, the Taliban entered Kabul, effectively seizing control of the country. Esin’s family was scheduled to follow her to India, but the flights they booked were canceled. Only recently was the rest of Esin’s family able to leave Afghanistan and seek safety in another country.

With her visa soon to expire, Esin is working with officials in India to have it extended. If the visa is not extended, she could be deported back to Afghanistan.

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