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10/01/2021 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – An Indonesian cleric previously arrested for calling the Bible “fiction” has apologized to Christians in Indonesia. In response, the Communion of Churches in Indonesia (PGI) said in a statement that PGI accepts the imam’s apology.

Yahya Waloni is involved in an alleged blasphemy case, for he had called the Bible untrue in one of the lectures uploaded on YouTube. He was arrested at his house in Jakarta on August 26.

On September 27, Yahya apologized to Christians at the South Jakarta District Court in a pretrial hearing. He said he was sorry because he felt that what he did violated the ethics of preaching.

“In front of the audience, in front of the dignitaries, and in front of the journalists, I apologize to the entire Indonesian community, especially to my fellow Christians,” he stated.

In a statement, PGI Public Relations Officer Philip Situmorang responded, “Yes, if that’s the case, we forgive. And hopefully it will be a lesson for Yahya Waloni himself and all of us not to do things that vilify religion or other beliefs.”

Philips stressed that Indonesia is a pluralistic nation. He hopes that all people and religious leaders will tolerate each other and not hurt one another’s religions.

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