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10/01/2021 India (International Christian Concern) – On August 11, Nitish Kumar, a 16-year-old Christian from India’s Bihar state, was attacked by unknown assailants wielding acid. Forty-six days later, Nitish succumb to his wounds and died at Apollo Hospital on September 26.

Nitish was on his way to the village market in Kamtanagar, located in the Gaya District, when unknown people on a motorbike poured acid on him from behind. He was immediately rushed to a local medical clinic for first aid, but later was shifted to Apollo Hospital in Patna, Bihar’s state capital.

Upon initial assessment, doctors claimed that approximately 60% of Nitish’s skin was burned in the acid attack. His family claimed the motivation for the attack was Nitish’s Christian faith and his participation in local ministry.

A local pastor, who helped the family, told International Christian Concern (ICC), “The doctors have tried every possible way to revive Nitish. Every alternative day, the doctors gave one unit of blood and had regular dressing changed on almost the entire body. We hoped that he would bounce back to life, but we know God has His way and time.

Nitish’s family converted to Christianity two years ago after being delivered from an evil spirit. Both Nitish and his brother, Sanjith Kumar, were active in the local church and conducted daily prayer gatherings.

According to the family, Nitish was threatened by radical Hindu nationalists. The radicals demanded Nitish to give up their Christian faith and even threatened him with murder. Although the exact motive of Nitish’s murderers is unknown, local Christians suspect that it is the work of radical Hindu nationalists.

The funeral for Nitish took place on the afternoon of September 26. To date, no one has been arrested by police for the attack on Nitish Kumar.

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