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09/25/2021 China (International Christian Concern) – A Chinese movie with “Moses” in its title slated to be in theaters this December, suddenly had its name changed. The new name was announced by its director at the ongoing Beijing International Film Festival.

On September 20, when director Zhang Ji appeared on the red carpet of the Festival’s opening ceremony, he informed the reporters that the movie “Moses on the Plain” will now be called “Fire on the Plain.”

When asked about the reason behind the name change, Zhang said, “In this movie, we use a lot of fire as an element. I hope that we can use fire to connect different time and space, emotions, and that it can shine into our lives. I hope it can bring everyone brightness and strength.”

However, when the reporters attempted to poke more about “Moses,” their request was turned down.

According to Radio Free Asia, Father Francis Liu from Chinese Christian fellowship of Righteousness believes that the real motive behind the name change is due to Moses being a Christian character. Beijing is seeking to remove all Christian related vocabularies from the public sphere.

“Moses is not just a name in the Bible, he is also a national hero of the Israelites. Do the Chinese authorities fear the positive meaning behind this name? For instance, he once led the Israelites against the tyranny of Egyptians and fought for freedom and liberation of his race, Liu asked.

The film is adapted from the novel of the same name, though it does not have any religious connotation. It tells the story of a criminal police as he investigates a murder case and discovers that his good friend was somehow involved. As he digs deeper, he gradually learns about what happened eight years ago. The film is scheduled to be released on December 24.

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