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09/22/2021 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – A Muslim-background Christian Youtuber detained for blasphemy in Indonesia was beaten and tortured in jail.

According to Muhammad Kace, several prisoners, including high-ranking police officer Napoleon Bonaparte, a bribery convict, brutally tortured him behind bars.

UCA News reports that Andi Rian Djadji, the national police’s director of general crimes, said Bonaparte had confessed during questioning.

“He and several other perpetrators beat Kace. They also covered his face and body with human feces,” he said.

Napoleon Bonaparte, who was once Inspector General, issued an open letter to admit his actions towards Kace. In it, he stated that as a Muslim he did not accept that his religion was insulted by Muhammad Kace.

“Anyone can insult me, but not against my Allah, the Quran, the Prophet and my Islamic faith,” he said. “Therefore, I swear I will take any measured action against anyone who dares to do so.”

Pastor Abraham Ben Moses, who was jailed for blasphemy like Kace, condemned the actions of Bonaparte and asked him to obey the law.

The police are still investigating the statements of Muhammad Kace, Napoleon Bonaparte and the witnesses at the time of the incident.

Kace was arrested in Bali in late August, following a sermon video in which he allegedly insulted Prophet Muhammad.

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