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09/22/2021 India (International Christian Concern) – In June, Pastor Ramsevak and his family were forced to flee their home village in India’s Bihar state following death threats from radical Hindu nationalists. Pastor Ram and his family were given one day to recant their Christian faith before radicals said they would burn the family alive.

The incident took place in Bajithpur village, located in the Gaya district. On June 12, five unidentified people came to Pastor Ram’s house and demanded he and his family participate in a Hindu worship ceremony. The five people threatened that if he refused, the family would need to leave the village or be burned alive.

On June 13, Pastor Ram and his family were summoned to a village gathering. At this gathering, the Christian family was told to recant their faith and convert to Hinduism. We Pastor Ram reused, several young people at the gathering attacked, threatening to kill Pastor Ram. The village leader gave the Christian one day to either recant his faith or face death.

Following the village gathering, Pastor Ram and his family locked themselves inside their house. They spent the rest of the day in prayer.

Early the next morning, June 14, the family fled the village, avoiding the main roads so nobody could follow them. Speaking to International Christian Concern (ICC) they Christian family said they felt that if they stayed in the village even for a few more hours that they would be killed.

Pastor Ram and his family now remain displaced from their home village. It is likely they will never be able to return to the home in Bajithpur village due to the seriousness of the threats against their lives and their faith.

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