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09/20/2021 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – On September 18, Indonesian security forces said they killed Indonesia’s most wanted terrorist in a raid, reducing the Islamic State-linked terrorist group to four people. Another fighter who was killed has not been identified.

Ali Kalora, the leader of East Indonesia Mujahideen (MIT), notorious for beheading his victims, died in an exchange of gunfire in the jungles of the mountainous Parigi Moutong regency in Central Sulawesi province.

After the death of its previous leader Santoso in 2016, the group with limited fighters has been confined to the jungles in Central Sulawesi. Yet, Ali continued to lead his men to terrorize and brutally murder villagers, especially Christians.

Despite Jakarta’s effort to terminate MIT with multiple extensions of the so-called Tinombala Operation, a mix of around 2,000 personnel from the police and the army, due to MIT terrorists’ familiarity with the mountainous region, they have had little success.

MIT has targeted government officials and security forces in Indonesia in the past. It has brutally killed numerous civilians including Christians and police officers. Their attacks on victims often include beheadings and the use of explosives and shootings. Last November, four Christian villagers were killed while their houses and church were torched in Sigi regency. In May, MIT slayed four Christian farmers in Poso when they were working in a coffee plantation.

According to Benar News, in May, police said MIT had split into two groups in an attempt to elude authorities, with one group led by Kalora, active in Sigi regency, and the other under the leadership of Muhammad Busra, or Qatar, operating in Poso.

Qatar was killed in a security raid in Central Sulawesi province in July, and with Kalora’s death, MIT appears to be on its last legs.

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