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09/06/2021 Hong Kong (International Christian Concern) – In June 2020, the sweeping National Security Law (NSL) was imposed on Hong Kong by China in response to 2019’s massive pro-democracy protests. With the goal to safeguard Hong Kong’s economic development and political stability, the NSL targets anyone who is considered a threat to the government and has since criminalized numerous politicians, journalists, activists, and singers.

Although the crackdown has not reached the Christian community in Hong Kong, many Christian leaders who have been outspoken in the pro-democracy movement have fled to other countries in fear of repercussion.

On September 2, the “Hong Kong Pastors Network (HKPN),” a group that was established after the 2019 anti-extradition law protest and published a joint “Gospel Declaration” critical of Beijing, shared on its Facebook page the decision to dissolute the group.

In the announcement HKPN posted, it reads “Due to the current status of Hong Kong, which has deteriorated, where civil groups and labor unions with long history have announced their decision to disband fearing persecution, we have made the decision to disband and cease our operation. We will stop updating our Facebook page but will not actively delete this page.”

“May this spiritual movement continue to be carried out in our lives; those Christians and pastors in and outside Hong Kong will continue to keep watch of Hong Kong, persist in the gospel truth, and reject all lies.”

According to China Aid, Rev. Yuen Tin-Yau, a former chairman of the Hong Kong Christian Council, when asked about the disbandment of HKPN, he believes that many of the coworkers of HKPN have left Hong Kong, while those pastors who stay behind have lots of work to do, so it is not easy for HKPN to continue its operation.

In August 2020, Wong Siu-yung and Yeung Kin-keung, two pastors who were spokespersons of HKPN, announced they had fled overseas to an undisclosed destination. They were both named by the pro-Beijing newspapers as “anti-China, destabilizing forces.”

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