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09/04/2021 China (International Christian Concern) – Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC), a well-known house church in China’s Chengdu barely spends a day without having its members followed or harassed by the police.

The latest episode happened days after a wedding of the members was forced to cancel three times. On September 1, local authorities accompanied by several individuals claiming to be homeowners in Jiaoda Garden Wuhou Community harassed and threatened several renters who are members of ERCC.

The group searched door to door looking for Christian tenants. Once found, they told them that this community does not welcome Christians. ERCC tenants who occupy seven units were demanded to move out of their rented homes within three days.

The following day, when sister Shu Qiong drove home, several officers from Jinyang Road Police Station stopped her at the entrance to her community and blocked her from entering. Later, when brother Li Ying went home, he questioned the legality of these police officers’ action and was forcibly taken to the police station. He was only released later that night, while the same task force formed the day prior continued to harass and threaten the Christian tenants.

On Friday, a day before the “deadline,” the task force returned with the self-claimed homeowners and knocked on all the Christian renters’ doors before asking them to move away. Their thuggish attitude was challenged by the Christians since there was a pregnant woman amidst the tenants. It did not deter the authorities. Instead, the police tried to snatch the cell phone of sister Xuan Bin, since she was recording everything that was taking place. Sister Shu Qiong tried to help but was suppressed violently by the police. They threatened to take them to the police station.

In a prayer request sent by ERCC, they ask for prayers for the brothers and sisters living in the Jiaoda Garden Wuhou Community as the “deadline” of their moveout day approaches.
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