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08/31/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern)

According to Morning Star News, militant Fulani herdsmen killed 36 Christians in Kaduna state, Nigeria, throughout multiple attacks in the month of August.

“The attacks from Aug. 4 to Saturday (Aug. 28) on Zangon Kataf, Kaura and Chikun counties took the lives of 17 Christians in Doh (Mado) village, five in Madamai, eight in Buruku and Udawa, three in Machun and three in Goran Gida,” residents told Morning Star news.

Rev. Jacob Kwashi, Anglican bishop of Zonkwa Diocese, addressed the situation while conducting a funeral service for 17 of the slain Christians.

“We have never seen an evil government in this country like the one of today,” he said. “The government is fully in support of the bloodshed in Nigeria. We are being killed just because we are not Muslims.”

“These evil Fulani jihadists are enjoying the backing of the government to go about killing people, destroying their houses and farmlands, yet when we try to defend ourselves, the government will go about arresting our people. What kind of justice is this?”

The Fulani are an ethnic group, most of whom live at peace with their neighbors. Fulani Militants, however, are members of the Fulani ethnic group who have been radicalized by a form of extreme Islam. These militants use their trade in cattle to move throughout the country, killing Christians, destroying villages, and taking land.

ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Nathan Johnson, states, “these barbaric and devastating attacks must be stopped. The loss of so many lives with no support or aid from the government means that violent attackers are likely to continue their violence. The Nigerian government must figure out a way to stop these attacks quicker and then must severely punish those who commit these atrocities.”

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