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08/25/2021 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – After the Taliban has seized power in Afghanistan, it raises concerns as countries in Southeast Asia worry about ripple effects of an Islamic extremist group in charge of ruling a country.

Indonesia is one such nation. According to Benar News, the head of operations at the country’s counter-terror police squad said he was worried about reports that Indonesian militants linked to IS were among prisoners released last week by the Taliban from a U.S. airbase.

Aswin Siregar from the anti-terrorism agency Densus 88 said their possible return to Indonesia could spell trouble.

“We can’t confirm this yet because we have no direct contact with security and prison authorities there. But I think the news could be true,” Aswin said.

“We are still trying to collect information. What we are worried about is that they may return to Indonesia. We will investigate why they were arrested, how many were released and where they are going,” he added.

Another concern of Jakarta is that the Taliban takeover may also become an inspiration for the pro-al-Qaeda (and anti-IS) terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI). The idea of a caliphate will seem appealing and more likely once Taliban is able to retain its reign.

Indonesia has seen a rise of extremism in recent years. As recent as one week ago, when the country was celebrating its Independence Day, Densus 88 arrested at least 53 suspected militants in a nationwide crackdown on a new cell of JI leading up to the celebration. These terrorists allegedly have links to banned extremist groups, blamed for several major bombings.

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