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08/24/2021 Afghanistan (International Christian Concern) – Chilling reports are emerging of the Taliban going door to door collecting the names of individuals who worked with the U.S. government during the war. The Taliban issued a statement providing general amnesty for all Afghans, but its assurances have been received with widespread mistrust in Afghanistan and around the world.

Western governments must rise to the occasion and meet the needs not just of the Afghans that served alongside NATO forces but also of those who desire to make their lives outside of the oppression of the Taliban government. Protests against the Taliban have risen across the country, and more are expected to add to the rapidly escalating security situation. People have flocked to the Kabul airport en masse hoping to get out of the country before it is too late.

Afghanistan’s 10,000-12,000 Christians are part of a loose network of underground churches and are nearly all converts from Islam to Christianity. The Taliban considers conversion from Islam apostasy a crime punishable by death.

These Christians are in severe danger and need the help of the West. Their vulnerability under Taliban rule should be given special consideration, and they should be transported out as soon as possible. Most do not have the proper documentation needed to acquire a visa but must be afforded swift asylum and transported out of the country.

The disastrous withdrawal of U.S. and NATO forces has created an unstable situation in the country. The looming humanitarian crisis will be a disastrous consequence should Western countries fail to act on behalf of communities that are going to be targeted by the Taliban.

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