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08/19/2021 Afghanistan (International Christian Concern) – As chaos continues to expand in Afghanistan, the Taliban forces in Kabul have moved to block access to the Kabul airport, breaking a commitment it had made to the United States to allow evacuations. The U.S. embassy has alerted people that it cannot guarantee safe passage to the airport, and access to the airport has become extremely difficult. Reports are surfacing of people trying to make their way to the airport but being taken from their cars, beaten, and turned away.

Members of Congress are raising their concerns to the Biden administration, with calls from senators and representatives for journalists and support staff not to be forgotten. Members of Congress have reached out to the Biden administration, calling for the immediate evacuation of at-risk U.S. partners from Kabul.

Matias Perttula, Director of Advocacy for International Christians Concern, said, “The Taliban’s aggressive and violent behavior is a clear indication of their intentions for Afghanistan. The international community must rise to the occasion and make at-risk communities–including Christians–a high priority and ensure their safe passage out of the country.”

The international community must act now and pressure the Taliban to stay true to its agreements.

President Biden addressed questions regarding the chaos in Afghanistan, saying it was inevitable.

The Taliban conquered Kabul on Sunday, August 15, in a move that sparked massive panic within the country and prompted masses of people to make their way to the airport in an attempt to escape Taliban rule.

The Taliban has publicly declared a general amnesty for all, but stories of Taliban brutality are already surfacing alongside reports of severe threats, intimidation, and other forms of violence against at-risk communities.

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