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08/19/2021 India (International Christian Concern) – For 35 years, Arun Bag lived as a Hindu in the village of Bhujaguda, India, where he eventually married his wife and had two children. Arun fell ill with a debilitating sickness, and after several failed attempts at finding a cure, was told about the healing powers of Jesus Christ. In 2019, Arun attended church and found that the prayers of Christians brought him healing, eventually curing his disease. He accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and became baptized, beginning his new life as a Christian.

After becoming Christians, Arun and his family began to face many hardships and struggled to make ends meet. Arun went to live with his in-laws where he was finally able to find work, however the onset of Covid-19 led to the termination of his new job.

After returning to his hometown, Arun began to farm, and, by the grace of God, was able to cultivate a good crop. However, things took a turn on March 20th, 2021, when fellow villagers sent their cows and buffalo into Arun’s field to destroy what he had cultivated.

Devastated, Arun arranged a meeting to sort out the reasoning behind this attack and see if he could find some sort of justice. In the meeting, the villagers told him that they destroyed his crop due to his conversion to Christianity. They threatened further violence if he didn’t return to Hinduism.

Following the meeting, Arun continued to receive threats from the villagers. In late March, he and his family were confronted and forcibly removed from their home and banned from the village altogether. Now, Arun and his family are living in a small, rented house with no source of income and continued hardships. Nonetheless, the family remains strong in faith.

Please join us in praying for Arun, his family, and all our suffering brothers and sisters in India. Pray that the Lord will strengthen the church as it continues to face an increased amount of violence and threats. Please also pray for those who persecute the church, that they will be transformed by the love of Jesus and be granted true repentance.

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