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08/18/2021 Turkey (International Christian Concern) –  Turkey’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, reported that Turkey is in dialogue with all sides in Afghanistan, including the Taliban. He commented saying, “we welcome the positive messages given by the Taliban to foreigners, diplomatic missions and their own population. I hope we will see (the same approach) in their actions.”

The minister continued on to say that Turkey hoped to support Afghanistan’s economic development, stability and peace. Turkey has already expressed willingness to establish relations with the Taliban and keeping its troops in-country to operate the Kabul airport.

Meanwhile, Turkey executed an aerial bombardment on a Christian house in the village of Safawiyah, near Ain Issa. Four family members were killed, Zidan Khalaf al-Issa and his three children. Zidan’s wife was also injured in the strike. Two other villagers were hospitalized. Christian villagers fled the town following the strike but returned the following day claiming they had no place to go.

A local Syriac force spokesperson commented, “we are terrified by the bombardment. Now, Turkey is bringing upon us what Daesh [Islamic State] brought upon us in 2015. We are still suffering from the Turkish invasion.”

Turkey’s actions in the Middle East region and presented support of the Taliban in Afghanistan could mark a potentially detrimental turning point in the region. To read more about the impact of the Kabul fall in the Middle East, read on here and here.

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