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08/16/2021 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – As the world is taken by surprise how fast the Taliban has been able to conquest Kabul and return to rule Afghanistan, some people in the Muslim-majority Indonesia are concerned how this might inspire the radical Muslims to pursue a caliphate.

According to Berita Satu, intelligence and terrorism expert Ridlwan Habib said that while he does not think the victory of Taliban will directly strengthen the radical movement in Indonesia, it could motivate radical groups in Indonesia to create an Islamic state.

“The spirit or enthusiasm to create an Islamic state can certainly be inspired,” he said.

In recent years, the rise of extremism in Indonesia has encouraged many to seek training or join Islamic State (IS) overseas. After the fall of IS, many of these fighters were returned to the country. Although Jakarta has subjected them to deradicalization programs, many still hold tight to their radical ideology.

On the other hand, the Indonesian IS-affiliate Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) remains active throughout the country. As recent as this past Easter, JAD employed suicide bombers to attack a Catholic church in Makassar, after similar attacks against three several churches in Surabaya killed 13 people and injured more than 40 in 2018.

The return of Taliban in Afghanistan might bring hope for terrorist groups such as JAD and MIT (East Indonesia Mujahideen) as they seek to do the same with Jakarta. Kabul could also soon become a training base or safe haven for terrorists around the world.

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