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08/12/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Militants recently killed three women just 3km from a Nigerian army base in Miango District, Bassa LGA, in Nigeria’s central Plateau State. These women had been displaced by the recent attacks on Miango, attributed to Fulani militants, which forced over 22,000 persons from their homes.

Nigerian security forces did not stop the days-long rampage lasting from July 30 to August 2 and have not put a stop to the violence since then either, as the death of these three women demonstrates. They were killed near the Rukuba Barracks, Jos, which houses the Nigerian Army’s 3rd Armoured Division, according to locals. Waiting to rebuild their burnt houses, the three women had left their camp near Miango and were searching for food in a village called Rikw-Rishe in Jebbu Miango when they were shot by gunmen.

The Publicity Secretary for the Miango Youth Development Association, Mr. Nuhu Bitrus, confirmed the killings on Tuesday. “Three of our people have been killed in Jebbu Miango,” he said. “The victims were three women who were among those who escaped during the recent attack.”

Bitrus gave the names of the victims as Sarah, who was 35-years old and married with 5 children, Sibi, who was 43-years old and married with 8 children, and Seri, who was 19-years old and single.

Attacks were high in the area throughout July but worsened around the end of the month and into August when scores were killed in attacks reportedly linked to herders seeking to take control of rich farming communities across Bassa LGA.

“78 Christians were killed within five days and more than 500 houses were burnt, as were 15 churches in 16 villages of Bassa LGA,” said Ezekiel Bini, National Leader of Irigwe Youths. He said that Simon Lalong, governor of Plateau State, has been silent over killings, putting Christians under the mercy of Muslim Fulani militias.

“No one is helping us from the government,” said Bini, “We don’t have food to eat or places to sleep. We are suffering because of our faith,” Bini added. Gasto Barrie, a humanitarian missionary working in the area, spoke to an ICC contact about the scale of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the area and the need for government aid to handle the crisis. “We can’t handle the IDPs,” he said. “Only Christian organizations are helping for now…the IDPs need food, shelter, and clothing.”

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