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08/06/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  Mawlawi Abdul-Hamid, the top-ranking Sunni cleric in Iran, recently spoke out about the discrimination that minorities face under the hardliner authorities. However, his comments seemingly only addressed ethnic minorities and the Sunni minority in the Shi’a Islamic Republic. Abdul-Hamid made no mention of Christians and other religious minorities in his calls for inclusion and protection.

Abdul-Hamid is ethnically Baluchi and religiously Sunni Muslim, which unofficially disqualifies him from Iran’s governance. He has made calls for Baluchis, Sunnis, and Kurds to be included in leadership positions and named other neighboring and Persian Gulf countries as more inclusive of ethnic minorities.

Without naming Christians as a discriminated group while also highlighting other minorities, Abdul-Hamid downplays their suffering and keeps their plight swept away. Christians in Iran face persecution at the hands of a harsh government and imprisonment for participation in churches and Christian activities. While international groups like International Christian Concern fight against and call out the persecution they face, change must also be recognized in-country by leaders.

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