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08/03/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Villages in Nigeria’s Miango District came under a series of severe attacks on Saturday, July 31, by men identified by locals as Fulani Militants.

The Irigwq Development Association, (IDA), released a press statement on Sunday reporting that 250 houses were burned down during the “unhindered and undistracted” attacks.

“About seven people were killed, while several others were injured and are receiving treatment at some undisclosed hospitals,” read the statement. “Over 40 hectares (approx. 100 acres) of farmland with a variety of crops were completely destroyed beyond resurrection and growth. Several household items and domestic animals were carted away.”

An ICC contact visited the devastated areas and confirmed the attacks, adding that 9 people survived gunshot wounds, while more than 22,000 people were displaced.

“We call on the international community to come to our aid,” said the local ICC contact, “The Nigerian government has betrayed us and allowed us to fall under the mercy of guns because of our faith.”

“The military cannot help by containing the situation, but they were rather on the side of the Fulani (militants),” he added, “The house of the chief of Jebu Miango was burned down along with scores of other houses. It was burning spree for the marauders while the security watched without saying anything. Please pray… as we are helpless.”

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