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07/29/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) –  Joshua Sunday, a committed Church youth leader and choir member of the Christian Fellowship in Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), was killed by Fulani militants after attending youth fellowship in Zangwra, Plateau state, on Monday July 26th.

“The Muslim tribesmen came mainly to burn our church again,” said an eyewitness who described the culprits as Fulani Militants, speaking the Hausa language. “It was dark and I was hiding , I heard them saying let us burn the church, then I heard the gunshot and the Fulani (Militants) all ran away.”

“We are killed because of our faith,” the Zangwra church pastor told ICC, “The security has failed us, we only need to depend on God, International Communities please come to our aid and be praying for persecuted Christians.”

“Christians are now afraid to go to church,” the pastor continued, “we are losing members daily and our means of livelihood are destroyed without compensation from the government.”

Zangwra is a village in Plateau with a population of over 2,000 people, located close to a military station.  “We don’t trust the Nigerian army,” a youth leader of the community told ICC, “Our youths, parents and women are killed without any compensation from the military or arrest of Fulani militants.”

Despite the narrative being spun that the conflict between Christian farmers and militant Fulani herdsmen is simply a dispute over resources, it has become evident by the level of hostility that these Fulani-led attacks are religiously motivated.

The Fulani Militia has now surpassed Boko Haram as the greatest threat to Nigerian Christians and have killed the majority of the over 3,460 Christians who have already been murdered in 2021.

Please pray for Christian communities around Nigeria that are suffering from the devastation of militant groups intent on driving them from their ancestral lands. Whether Boko Haram, Islamic State, or Fulani militants, the harm caused by religious violence in Nigeria is massive and victims of these groups need your prayers.

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