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07/27/2021 China (International Christian Concern) – Sichuan police continued their persistent harassment of the Chengdu-based Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC). On July 17, officers again seized Wu Wuqing, who is a preacher at ERCC. The police chief and six other officers arrived at Preacher Wu’s home to give him the verbal summons and escort him to the police station.

This was not the first time Preacher Wu has been harassed by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials or even summoned by authorities for his work with ERCC. On April 1 of this year, police detained Preacher Wu for 24 hours because he officiated the funeral of one of his congregants. Then, on May 5, he found that three of his vehicle’s tires had been punctured, likely by CCP officials. After getting them fixed, he found his tires punctured again on the morning of May 6.

On June 4, officers chained up the fire door of Preacher Wu’s home to prevent him and his family from leaving their home. Four CCP officials monitored Preacher Wu and his family from outside their home, and they periodically blocked people from bringing them food and supplies. The officials did not stop watching them until July 5.

This latest arrest occurred just twelve days after Preacher Wu and his family were permitted to leave their home. Around the same time, on July 15, in Pingchang, the hometown of Cheng Xiangqi, another ERCC member, police ordered that he serve a 15-day detention sentence for posting a poem on WeChat that suggested the CCP should confess their sins and turn to Jesus.

On July 18, two other ERCC members Hao Guiru and Wang Yang were also taken away by the police from their small group gathering venue. Around noon time, Dai Zhichao, Cui Lianfang, Xiao Donghong, and Wang Song from ERCC went to check on Hao and Wang, only to be taken away as well to the same police station.

The six of them, along with preacher Wu, were only released later that day, after receiving hours of “lecture” asking them to move somewhere else of stop gathering.

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