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07/19/2021 India (International Christian Concern) – According to Morning Star News, a Christian family in India’s Uttar Pradesh state was assaulted and falsely charged with forced religious conversions by a group of radical Hindu nationalists in May.

On May 24, four hardline Hindus attacked Anamika Gautam, age 23, while she was studying on the front porch of her house in Mansura village. The four men beat Anamika with bamboo clubs and vowed to publicly humiliate her.

They told me that I belonged to a family which carries our forced conversions, and that they do not have any respect for such people,” Anamika told Morning Star News. “They spewed venomous curses as they continued to beat me and attempted to touch inappropriately.

When Anamika’s father, Shriram, and younger brother heard her screams, they ran out of the house and confronted the hardline Hindus. According to Morning Star News, the four assailants and some of their relatives then attacked Shriram and Anamika’s younger brother as well.

They were adamant that we must be butchered to death for converting people in the locality to Christianity,” Anamika told Morning Star News. “We told them that nobody accepts Christian faith because of us, that it is the Lore who calls people to him; it is not our human effort. But they would not understand a word.

The next day, Anamika and her father went to the Akbarpur police station to report the assault. However, relatives of the assailants, including a woman who had attended worship with Anamika’s family, had already filed a false complaint against the Christians and Shriram was arrested.

In the complaint filed against us, my family and church members are accused of forced conversions by threats and inducement,” Anamika told Morning Star News. “It was shocking to see that a person who was joining us in prayers until the day of the attack came under pressure from her husband and son and falsely testified against us.

Shriram was released after one day in custody and police eventually accepted their complaint. However, Morning Star News reports that police have taken no action on behalf of the Christians and the Hindu radicals continue to intimidate and harass Anamika and her family.

As we pass by on the road, they either threaten us or abuse us in extremely filthy language,” Anamika said. “I know and fully believe that even if the world is against us, the Lord is on our side. He is a faithful God, and He is always there for us.

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