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07/19/2021 Egypt (International Christian Concern) –  544 days after his originally scheduled release date, Egyptian authorities released Abd Adel Bebawy from prison to return to a new home with his family. Bebawy was arrested on July 6, 2018, after posting an image of God, the angel Gabriel, and a verse from the Quran on Facebook. He was later sentenced to three years in prison on December 22, 2018, though a one-year prison sentence in Egypt is less than 12 months.

Abd Adel Bebawy has been united with his family in a new village, comprised of almost entirely Coptic Christians. Following the blasphemy charges for his social media activity, Abd was imprisoned and his family was eventually forced to leave their home due to pressure from Muslim extremists.

Abd is just one of many Christians facing imprisonment and blasphemy charges in Egypt. 17-year-old Ehab is another Christian who also was recently released after being sentenced to prison for posting his thoughts on Facebook. Copts suffer unjustly under false blasphemy accusations and oftentimes bring additional hardship to any other Christians living in their community as extremists punish the community, not just the individual.

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