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07/16/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Attackers reported to be Fulani militants attacked and destroyed 45 plots of land in the Miango district of Bassa Local Government Area in Plateau State, Nigeria. The farmland belonged to about 25 families and was destroyed sometime in the late hours of July 9, 2021, or in the early hours of July 10.

ICC operates farms in the area, has staff on the ground, and sent headquarters staff to Miango less than two weeks before this incident. The area has long been victim to attacks by Fulani militants. No locals were killed in this attack, but Christian-majority communities in Miango have long been the victim of deadly attacks perpetrated by lawless Fulani militants.

“[My farm] is my only source of livelihood,” said one farmer. “I am left helpless. We need help.” Other farmers called on the government to intervene and bring security and justice to the area. Unfortunately, these calls for help are usually ignored, and attackers largely enjoy immunity from charges for their crimes.

A local ICC contact documented the devastation. ICC has reviewed these photos, which show crops of corn and peppers cut by machetes and tramped to the ground. While some incidents of crop destruction are the result of roaming herds of Fulani cattle, the evidence in this case suggests that this was a preplanned attack designed to impoverish the farmers.

The ICC contact mentioned above was among those impacted by the attack—his family’s farm was one of those destroyed, hurting his ability to pay upcoming tuition fees. This is a common side effect of militant Fulani violence—even when it does not claim lives it impacts Christian communities in the long run, not just for one crop cycle.

Nuhu Yakubu Chayi, Chairman of the Miango Youth Development Association, called on the international community to intervene on the farmers’ behalf. “We…call on government and non-governmental organizations…[to] intervene in this situation,” he said. “The farms destroyed were almost due for harvest, which obviously will result in hunger.”

Please pray for Christian communities around Nigeria that are suffering from the devastation of militant groups intent on driving them from their ancestral lands. Whether Boko Haram, Islamic State, or Fulani militants, the harm caused by religious violence in Nigeria is massive and victims of these groups need your prayers.

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