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07/15/2021 Myanmar, China (International Christian Concern) – The Biden administration renewed allegations of genocide and atrocities against China and Myanmar in a latest report by the Department of State. The two countries were on a list with several other countries, including Eritrea, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.

China was explicitly called out for its persecution of Uyghur Muslims and Christians. The State Department included these messages in its annual report to Congress on genocide and atrocities prevention.

In addition to labeling China’s actions against religious minorities as a genocide, the report also named crimes against humanity China has committed. These crimes include imprisonment, torture, enforced sterilization, and persecution. Additionally, China was accused of using so-called re-education camps to assimilate religious minorities, predominantly Muslim citizens.

According to UCA News, the report was dismissed by Beijing as an “outrageous and preposterous lie.”

Myanmar was also named in the report, followed by accusations of atrocities following the coup on Feb. 1 that unseated the democratically elected government and placed the country under the control of the military junta.

The US called on Myanmar to reinstate the democratically elected government, cease killing pro-democracy demonstrators, and end forced disappearances and arbitrary detentions of protestors and religious minorities.

The US has still not named what is happening in Myanmar against religious minorities, specifically Rohingya people, as a genocide despite a UN fact-finding mission that found five acts constituting genocide committed by the Burmese military.

China has played a large part in shielding Myanmar from international pressure and punitive action from the UN Security Council due to its economic interests in the region. The military regime in Myanmar has yet to respond to the US report.

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