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07/13/2021 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – According to local reports, two Christian men were poisoned to death in Pakistan following religious conflicts with members of the country’s Muslim population. The murders, both under investigation, have created a new concern for Pakistan’s Christian community.

On March 6, Samuel Masih, resident of village 190/9AL in the Sahiwal District, was poisoned to death by his Muslim coworkers after a religious debate regarding the topic of Christian fasting. According to FIR no. 451/21, registered at the Ghala Mandi Police Station, Masih was murdered by poison.

Initially, police were unwilling to register an FIR regarding Masih’s murder. However, after Masih’s family protested in the street, police registered the FIR and began investigating the murder.

On May 23, Arif Masih, a 32-year-old resident of village 370/GB near Gojra City, was poisoned to death by Muhammad Tariq and Muhammad Majid. According to FIR no. 521/21, the two Muslims abducted Masih from the street and took him to an unknown location. There, the men tortured Masih and forced him to ingest a substance that left him unconscious. Masih later died in hospital.

Local reports claim that Masih was targeted because he refused to withdraw a harassment case against the two Muslim men. On May 18, days before the murder, Tariq and Majid reportedly humiliated and abused Masih’s sister, Rehana, while she was in the market purchasing groceries.

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