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07/09/2021 China (International Christian Concern) – On June 29,  human rights publication Bitter Winter released an article stating that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has unveiled an exhibition claiming that  “Christianity Loves the Party” in Shanghai, China.

According to Bitter Winter, the exhibition was unveiled on June 25 by the government-controlled Protestant Three-Self Church in preparation for the anniversary. The exhibit’s full title is “One Heart, One Virtue, One Path: Chinese Christianity Loves the Party, the Country, and Socialism Theme Exhibition.”

The CCP has arrested, tortured, and killed countless Christians since its inception. However, CCP authorities are now expecting religions to celebrate their centennial enthusiastically.

The Three-Self Church regularly promotes CCP propaganda. However, members of the church are reportedly embarrassed by this latest extreme display of support for the Communist Party.

While the exhibit presents an overview of Christians who allegedly helped the first Communists and even joined the CCP back in the 1920s, it fails to mention how many of these Christians were later expelled from the CCP and even executed when the CCP clarified that only atheists could be Party members. Bitter Winter reports that the exhibit claims that “the advanced members of the Christian community have always been of one mind and one direction with the Party, leaving a beautiful footprint and bearing wonderful witness.”

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