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07/06/2021 Sudan (International Christian Concern) –According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Boutros Badawi, a Christian activist and advisor to Sudan’s Minister of Religious Affairs, was attacked last week in the capital of Sudan.

“One assailant pointed a gun at Mr Badawi’s head and threatened to kill him if he continued to say anything about confiscated properties belonging to churches, or the issues surrounding the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church committees,” CSW said.

Badawai was brought to the hospital for the treatment of injuries on several parts of his body, reported Morning Star News.

Christians in Sudan are still awaiting the return of properties seized by the government under the Islamist regime of Omar al-Bashir, ousted in April 2019,” said the news agency, adding that Badawi has been an advocate for the return of church properties confiscated under the previous regime.

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