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06/26/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  In the wake of Iran’s most recent elections that led to former Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi becoming president, the church in Iran is likely to suffer increased persecution. A Roman Catholic nun who spent 26 years serving in a leprosy hospital had her visa renewal denied, and three Iranian MBBs began their trials for violating the amended Iranian Penal Code regarding “propaganda”.

Sister Giuseppina Berti, age 75, was unable to renew her visa and received a travel order. She was one of two nuns in Isfahan, representing the only Latin Catholic Church presence in the area. The departure of Berti will cause trouble for Sister Fabiola Weiss, age 77, who will be the last remaining nun. Both women spent their lives serving those in hospitals, regardless of religious identity.

The Catholic Church in Iran appears to be dwindling. With only two Assyrian-Chaldean archdioceses, an Armenian diocese, and a Latin archdiocese. Most of the dioceses only have one priest, and in the case of the Roman Catholic, the arrival of Archbishop Dominique Mathieu is still pending.

Ebrahim Raisi’s election with a hardline agenda will likely cause increased persecution of Christians and the Church who are viewed as enemies of the state and a threat to national security.

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