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06/24/2021 Mozambique (International Christian Concern) – A recent report released by Save the Children, Plan International and World Vision details the violence disproportionately affecting children in Cabo Delgado, Northern Mozambique.

According to Emily Wood of the Christian Post,Violent attacks by Islamic rebels in the Cabo Delgado province have led to the deaths of more than 2,838 people, including over 1,400 civilians, though the actual number is expected to be higher.”

As a result of these attacks, many children have been left orphaned, malnourished, without education, and subject to grave human rights violations such as rape, maiming and abduction, states the report.

Amy Lamb, director of communications for Open Doors, told The Christian Post that Mozambiques Christian population is one of the fastest growing in the world. “Because of [the rise in Christianity], we’re seeing jihadist groups including those who are affiliated with the Islamic state, with al Shabab, with Boko Haram, al Qaeda,” Lamb explained.

“It’s just organizing together in order to expand their territories throughout the African continent, and their goal is really to eradicate Christianity from this territory and, unfortunately, in some ways, it’s working,” she continued. “Even specifically from this northern part of Mozambique, an estimated 800,000 people have fled the region, and those who remain, including women, children, families, are facing starvation even if they’re spared from … violence.” 

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