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06/20/2021 China (International Christian Concern) – On July 1, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will celebrate a century of existence. In anticipation of such a grand event, religious groups including churches affiliated with the government are using various venues to exalt the greatness of the CCP.

Other than asking religious persons to learn the history of the party, go on a “pilgrimage” to visit revolutionary sites, or hold exhibition at religious venues, some religious groups voluntarily host events to feature centennial celebrations.

Last month, the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA) in Jiangbei district, Chongqing city, organized a “Grateful and Praise for the CCP Pilgrimage to Pay Respect to St. Mary.” Other than visiting several churches in Chongqing, they held a “Grateful and Praise for the CCP Blessing Mass” at one of the churches.

Priest Ding Yang who officiated the mass, said, “The Church should organically unify ‘Love Party, Love Country, and Love Socialism’ and faith; boldly speak about politics, while speaking about faith in accordance with law.”

Liu Yuanlong, the vice president of the CPCA, who is also a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference’s National Committee, wrote that “God has chosen the Chinese Communist Party” in a congratulatory note.

Apple Daily also added that quoting Proverbs 11:14, which reads that “for lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisers,” Liu believes the CCP and the country required a strong central leadership. Liu then endorsed church people to “listen” and to “follow” the party led by Xi Jinping.

Bishop John Fang of the Shandong Diocese, who also serves as the head of the Association, said in a separate statement that the organization would continue to “deepen the Sinicization of the Catholic religion.”

The increased blurry line between CCP’s propaganda and the official Church in China is alarming, especially as the party seeks to continue its reign in a manner similar to that of North Korea.

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