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06/13/2021 India (International Christian Concern) – Pastor Gunta Paul and his wife were infected with COVID-19 at the same time, during India’s deadly second wave of the virus. While he was able to recover from the illness, his wife sadly died on May 23.

It was devastating just to think of life without my wife,” Pastor Paul told International Christian Concern (ICC), attributing her death to a lack of proper medical care. “The second wave of Corona means loss of my wife for me.”

Pastor Paul, a rural church planter stationed 50 miles south of Hyderabad, has endured a great deal of hardship throughout his life. For years he has been harassed by Hindu radicals dedicated to the ideology of Hindu nationalism. Earlier this year, local radicals vowed to kill him if he continued to proclaim Jesus as Lord.

ICC learned of Pastor Paul’s enduring faithfulness to God’s mission and selected him to receive food relief along with several other pastors in his area. This emergency aid served as a means of survival for Pastor Paul, who would find out the devastating news about his wife only one day after the aid distribution.

I lost my wife to the COVID the day after I received the relief,” Paul said. “One side I have to think of next meal and other side I have to get the treatment for COVID, however, I was so anxiously waiting on the Lord and eagerly waiting a call from ICC, as I have already received the relief twice during the first wave.

Encouragement is that there are people who care for us and help us during these very difficult times, and I really want thank ICC for providing rice, dal, oil and sugar, which will go for a month,” the pastor continued. “Thank you so much for standing with us during this deadly second wave of Corona pandemic.

Please join us in praying for our suffering brothers and sisters in India, and for the Lord to strengthen the Church during these difficult times. Pray for Pastor Paul as he mourns the loss of his wife, and for all of those who are heartbroken, that the Lord will give them peace and comfort. Please also pray for the health of all of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, that they would be healed by Jesus and remain hopeful in times of need.

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