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06/08/2021 Iraq (International Christian Concern) –  According to the Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS), 12 terrorists were arrested near the end of May across Nineveh governorate. A statement by the IIS outlined that they had confessed to participating in terrorist operations and urged and threatened citizens to join ISIS gangs. Legal action is being taken against the 12 captured terrorists.

The recently captured terrorists were spread across Nineveh working for different militant groups, including Diwan Al-Jund, Tigris district, General Camps, and the Military Diwan. Their presence across Nineveh, the Assyrian homelands, causes concern over ongoing persecution and terrorism against the already dwindling Christian population. This is made worse by the bombings of Christian villages in Northern Iraq. The arrests also come not long after a UN report announced that ISIS’s crimes against Yazidis constituted genocide.

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