Nigeria: ‘One of the Most Terrorized Nations on Earth’

06/04/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern)- Nigerian women anguished at the ongoing violence in their country released a statement on Thursday, calling for citizens to band together in the fight against terrorism.

The statement, cited by the Nigerian Daily Trust, reads as follows:

We invite you to join the 5 months of national action to call for an end to the killings, remind us that we owe each other a duty of care and to remember and grieve for our dead friends, colleagues, wives, husbands, siblings, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters.

We are Nigerian women with grieving hearts are committed to working with all Nigerians to address and bring an end to the issues of rising insecurity and violence in the country and mobilizing citizens to come together to end the violence.

We want to remember the dead and remind ourselves that we can be next. Nigerians are saying enough, but not loudly or effectively enough to be heard. Every voice counts.

Our audience is the Nigerian government at all tiers – local, state, and federal – because the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government, according to our Constitution.

Our audience is also Nigerian citizens – our collective voice is powerful, and we must use it to awaken the conscience of this country and galvanize a broad network of interests to come together and compel our nation to end the bloodshed and carnage. The culture of disregard for human life will only end when we set the tone: Nigerians must openly care about each other and honor and mourn our dead.

Nigeria is one of the most terrorized countries in the world; between 2010-19 we were the third highest in the world in terms of deaths – 25,711. This does not include those murdered since 2020, the kidnapped, the assaulted, the immobilized with fear who can no longer farm, travel with ease, or go to school.

We cannot stand idle and watch the country destroyed. Every Nigerian has a responsibility to speak out and take action to stem the tide. We do not have the luxury of time. What is happening in Nigeria today mirrors the process of state collapse in other parts of the world. We cannot leave the job of saving this country to politicians alone. We cannot allow the voices of those who want to divide us and destroy us to be louder than the voices of moderation. We are all endangered. It does not matter where you live or what you have. Our country is under siege!

On Monday, June 14th, there will be 5 minutes of national silence across the nation between 9am and 9:05am as radio and TV stations read through the names people affected by the insecurity.

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