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06/03/2021 India (International Christian Concern) – The United States Department of State released its annual religious freedom report highlighting recent developments around the world. According to the report, India has experienced a severe decline in religious freedom. In fact, the decline over recent years has been so pronounced that the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USIRF) recommended India to be designated a Country of Particular Concern.

The USCIRF and Department of State’s reports were welcomed by many India watchdogs, advocates, and human rights organizations that hope to see a more robust posturing on this issue from the international community. While the report was released last month, it continues to impact India’s global image by highlighting the Modi regime’s continued discrimination, persecution, and oppression of India’s religious minority groups.

International Christian Concern has monitored the plight of the Christian community in India over the last years and, alongside partners, have tracked a significant increase of attacks and general cases of persecution against the Christians.

One of the more prominent sources of persecution stems from what nearly a dozen states across India call ‘religious freedom laws’ or ‘anti-conversion laws’ that essentially make it impossible for individuals to convert from Hinduism to Christianity or another minority faith. The laws are poorly worded and codify, at the state level, core elements of Hindutva ideology and a DNA of hatred against all non-Hindus.

The international community would be wise to hold Indian leadership accountable for the intentional decline of religious freedom and the many attacks against Christians and other religious minority groups.

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