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05/26/2021 India (International Christian Concern) – India continues to face the devastating second surge of COVID-19, which has killed over 300,000 people in the country and infected more than 27 million. The actual number of cases and deaths is likely much higher due to underreported cases.

Last week, International Christian Concern (ICC) launched an appeal calling on its donors to raise funds to provide critical aid to Indian Christians. Below is the testimony of Pastor Subhankar Lima, one of the beneficiaries supported with this aid:

I am Pastor Subhankar Lima doing God’s work in the remote villages of Angul District of Odisha, India,” Pastor Lima told ICC. “It is my joy to mention God’s faithfulness towards me and my family during the pandemic situation.

Due to the pandemic, Pastor Lima was forced to completely stop services at his church. Tithes from congregants that had once helped support his family were running out, he said, “As the stock kept decreasing day by day, we started eating less to save enough food for our children.

But Pastor Lima held on to hope, knowing that God would provide for his need.

I and my family kept faith on God in this time of crisis and prayed continually,” Pastor Lima explained. “We, being servants of God, cannot share our problems with anyone but God. He heard our prayers, and I received a phone call from a brother who told me that, I will be given one month of groceries. I was surprised, thinking how did that brother come to know about our problem?

Pastor Lima was sure that God was at work and was stunned the next day at the amount of food he had received. “I was called and received a huge quantity of groceries. At home, my family seeing it became very happy.  My wife exclaimed, ‘Now we can eat sufficient food!’

It was a very emotional moment for me, as I was blaming myself for not being able to provide food for my family,” Pastor Lima said. “But God did not let me feel guilty, despicable, and hungry. I am very grateful to God and am thankful to ICC for positively impacting our family and our faith.

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