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05/19/2021 India (International Christian Concern)I was gifted a Bible by a Christian friend that changed my life forever,” Pastor Mahesh, one of the beneficiaries of the Bikes and Bibles for India Initiative, recently told International Christian Concern (ICC).

Pastor Mahesh embraced Jesus as a youth while questioning Hinduism, the religion of his birth. Soon Pastor Mahesh discovered he had a passion for spreading the truth he found as a church planter. Since his conversion, his family also came to know Jesus and supported his outreach ministry. Through this ministry, he planted a church in a remote village in India’s Andhra Pradesh state.

For the past eight years, Pastor Mahesh has been a dedicated evangelist. Due to the remoteness of the location he serves, a bicycle is the most critical tool he uses to spread the Gospel.

In November 2018, ICC launched the Bibles and Bikes for India Initiative with the ambitious goal of bringing the Gospel to India’s unreached by empowering 1,000 rural evangelists with a bicycle and 100 Bibles. Pastor Mahesh is counted among that 1,000 rural evangelists.

I know the power of the scripture, and I am witnessing as more people are joining my Church,” Pastor Mahesh said. I have seen God’s work in the lives of people. Thank you, ICC, for gifting me the bicycles and Bibles. These resources have empowered me to do more work I could not afford. Your help makes a huge impact and is a big help to us in the ministry. 

ICC also provided food and medical aid to Pastor Mahesh and his family during the COVID-19 pandemic. In early 2021, ICC achieved the Initiative’s original goal of empowering India’s rural evangelists by placing a bicycle and a box of 100 Bibles in the hands of the one-thousandth beneficiary.

Join our community in prayer for the continued success of pastors such as Pastor Mahesh in India’s rural and unreached communities.

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