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05/16/2021 India (International Christian Concern) – The recently concluded elections in West Bengal came out recently, saying, people hate the politics of communal hatred and polarization. The Trinamul Congress (TMC) received a large mandate, winning 213 seats out of 294, defeating poll predictions.

The TMC beat the Hindu nationalist party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has historically held most of India. Prime Minister Modi, Minister of Home Affairs Griha Mantri, and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath held repeated rallies across West Bengal and other states with polarizing rhetoric on religious grounds.

The victory of the TMC in West Bengal is remarkable. Critics say that the BJP scheduled the eight-phase election process to happen in the middle of a pandemic to discourage voters from leaving their homes.

However, citizens of different religious backgrounds in West Bengal voted to reject political hatred based on religious and cultural differences. Politically influential BJP members threaten and insult TMC Leader Mamata Banerji.

Citizens of India and Leader Banerji are holding BJP members Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Mantri, and UT Chief Minister Adityanath accountable for India’s third wave of covid-19, directly correlated to the number of people who attended the rallies.

West Bengal has shown the country that it is possible to resist politically motivated religious hatred.

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