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05/15/2021 China (International Christian Concern) – According to ChinaAid news, reports say Sha Mian Tang Church in Guangzhou displayed several Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s ‘Little Red Book’ and The Governance of China, written by Xi Jinping, in their church library.

This well-known church served as the location from 1994-2001 as the second Canton Union Theological College location. However, a picture of the church’s bookstore showed someone put the CCP literature in the center of the bookshelves instead of Bibles. The CCP Administration for Religious Affairs ordered Christians to study President Xi’s book and memorize his speeches.

Churches in every province in China are faced with accepting CCP core socialist values or be shut down. A Catholic church in Jiangxi did not have Bibles, only CCP literature and banners, “attempting to control and influence the thoughts of Christian citizens through the means noted, and to bring the Christian church is as a subordinate group under the CCP,” the article said.

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