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05/14/2021 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – On May 3, 2021, 15 hospital staffers filed a harassment complaint against Arsalan Khan, a senior doctor at the Warburton rural health center in Punjab, for unprofessional behavior towards his co-workers, especially female Christian nurses. 

In retaliation, Dr. Khan threatened the three Christian nurses, Amber Bibi, Sarwat Kausar, and Abid Masih, on May 7, saying, “None can save you. I will put you behind bars for committing blasphemy against Islam. Don’t forget the two (Christian) nurses of Faisalabad.”

Following this threat of leveling a false blasphemy allegation, the three women immediately informed the Chief Executive Officer of the Health Department of Nankana Sahib about the doctor’s threat. They requested to be removed from working with Dr. Khan.

In April, two Christian nurses working at Civil Hospital in Faisalabad were falsely accused of committing blasphemy of Muslim coworkers. According to local sources, the nurses were accused of removing an old sticker from the wall that carried Islamic verses.

One of the two accused was attacked by a Muslim coworker wielding a knife and both were arrested and charged with blasphemy. The case against the two nurses in Faisalabad exemplify the abuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. More cases will rise, certainly, and anyone accused of blasphemy is under threat of extreme violence.  

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