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05/10/2021 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – Pakistani leaders have rejected the European Union’s resolution condemning the blasphemy law of Pakistan. Lawmakers gathered for a press conference to issue statements of support for Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and the blasphemy law, while reiterating Pakistan’s commitment to the country’s religious minorities.

With increasing pressure and communication surrounding the negative nature of blasphemy laws around the world, Pakistan’s leaders have been defending the law vigorously, dismissing evidence proving the flawed nature of the law and its constant misuse against religious minorities.

Greater awareness about the nature of the law has come about through cases like Asia Bibi’s, who was sentenced to death for claims that she had committed blasphemy. Her case drew international attention and advocacy, and she was acquitted after ten years on death row.

Religious minorities make up a small percentage of Pakistan’s population, yet make up more than half of all blasphemy victims.

Widespread misuse of the law has empowered the majority Muslim community to muzzle religious minorities, holding the threat of blasphemy charges as leverage over them in the public and private square. Muslims threaten Christians and other religious minorities with potential accusations of blasphemy if they refuse to do as they are told. A mere accusation of blasphemy can ruin a person’s career and their ability to conduct a normal life. Flash mobs are riled up by radical clerics and religious leaders to intimidate and threaten the accused, often even before proper legal procedure can take place.

The European Union was correct to condemn the blasphemy law and take a strong position in standing for religious freedom, freedom expression, and freedom of speech.

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