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05/09/2021 Armenia (International Christian Concern) –  An Armenian shepherd was assaulted by Azerbaijani troops in the border town of Syunik. Azerbaijani forces stationed near Syunik continue to harass, threaten and intimidate the Armenian residents.

On April 18, an Armenian shepherd was watching his 14 cattle graze about 500 meters from his home. Three armed Azerbaijani servicemen then approached him who subsequently threatened him with their weapons, tried to pull him into a nearby trench closer to the Azerbaijani border, and continuously cursed him. One of them hit him in the face and they fled back to their positions when help was on the way for the shepherd.

Just two days later, Azerbaijani troops were intimidating local residents by brandishing their weapons and insulting them, calling out from their posts. Armenian Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan called again for a security zone to protect Armenian citizens in border towns.

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