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05/04/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – According to a Morning Star News report, four students were abducted from The King’s School on Thursday, April 29, when suspected Fulani Jihadists attacked the Christian school in Nigeria’s Plateau State. While three of the students escaped the day of their kidnapping, a lone Christian student remained in captivity and was thankfully released on May 1st.

According to Reverend Gideon Para-Mallam, president of the Para-Mallam Peace Foundation, attackers “broke the rear fence of the school, drilling a hole to gain access to the compound and abduct the students,” wrote a Morning Star News correspondent.

“Bayo Famonure, head of the institution, said that the herdsmen took to their heels after realizing the reinforcement of security agents in the area,” said Para-Mallam, “Let’s pray that God will work out the release of the abducted student, and as many that are also in captivity, especially students of Greenfield university and College of Forestry & Mechanization both in Kaduna, Chibok girls in Borno, Leah Sharibu and others, in Jesus’ name.”

While we rejoice for the freedom of these abducted students, we must continue to pray for those who are still in captivity. According to Daily Post Nigeria, five of the 22 students kidnapped from Greenfield University in Kaduna state last month have been murdered, while terrorists vow to kill the remaining 17 if ransom is not paid.

Attacks on schools have dramatically increased in the past few years as kidnappers have capitalized on obtaining large ransom payments. The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, whose name loosely means “western education is forbidden”, established the pattern of kidnapping school children for ransom in 2014 when the group abducted 276 mostly Christian girls from a school in Chibok. 2021 has seen several large-scale kidnappings which were originally thought to have been carried out by loosely organized bandits. Recently, Kaduna state governor El Rufai informed the public that these ransoms were used to fund Boko Haram, and has therefore refused to comply with payment demands.

Please pray for the Lord to comfort grieving families and strengthen their faith during this difficult time. Please also pray for the safe return of all who have been kidnapped, and for their captors, that their hearts would be softened, and that they will experience the love of Christ that leads to true repentance and salvation.

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