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04/23/2021 Chad (International Christian Concern) – On April 17th, Chadian President Idriss Déby was shot and killed in battle while visiting the frontlines of a clash with rebels.

According to a military statement, President Déby “took control of operations during the heroic combat led against the terrorists from Libya. He was wounded during the fighting and died once repatriated to N’Djamena.”

One of the longest standing Presidents in his region, Déby was a key leader in implementing security strategies for the Chadian army, known for being one of Western Africa’s strongest defenses in the fight against Jihadist terrorism.

David Bogosian of Christian Aid Mission told Mission Network News that it’s a very tense time for Christians in Chad, whom Déby treated very well. “It’s not known what the intentions of the rebels are, in terms of how they will relate to Christians. But the uncertainty in the political environment is something that’s a real concern to Christians because he maintained the peace. And there have been civil wars between Christians and Muslims in the past. Many have been concerned that Chad could go the way of Sudan, which basically split between Muslims and the North and Christians in the South.”

“Chad was an island of stability in the midst of all the chaos that is Central Africa. Chad is surrounded by Boko Haram on the West and surrounded by civil unrest in the East in Sudan. Then you’ve got Libya in the North. You’ve got chaos all over the place.” 

Please pray for stability in Chad and for the Lord to comfort those grieving the loss of President Déby. Pray that the government will be strengthened and execute justice for all people, especially Christians targeted by Jihadist violence.

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